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Photo Therapy

Phototherapy uses lightwaves to treat certain skin conditions. The skin is exposed to an ultraviolet (UV) light for a set amount of time. Phototherapy uses a man-made source of UV light. UV light also comes from the sun. When combined with a medication called psoralen, the procedure is known as psoralen UVA (PUVA).

At The Mimani Hospital our UV cabin offers both UVA and UVB phototherapy. We also provide localised UV therapy for hands and feet. Our physiotherapy department providing a phototherapy service with treatment provided by fully qualified staff specifically trained in phototherapy.

If your baby needs treatment for jaundice, this will be done in our hospital. Your baby will be monitored to see if the treatment is working, and tests for conditions that may have caused the jaundice should be carried out.

During phototherapy your baby will be placed on his or her back unless they have other conditions that prevent this. Your baby’s eyes should be protected and they should be given routine eye care. Your baby may be placed in a cot or an incubator. Your baby’s temperature should be monitored and your baby should be checked to make sure he or she stays hydrated (has enough fluid in their body). This is done by weighing your baby every day and assessing their wet nappies.

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