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Painless Delivery

Painless Delivery

Labor pain is a significant cause of worry and apprehension in expecting mothers. Also the pain sensitivity differs in every individual. With modern technology, now soon to be mothers can opt for a Painless normal Delivery and be an active participant in the delivery process. Painless Delivery is also a way to give birth naturally.

At Mimani Hospital a caesarean delivery is only recommended in high risk pregnancy cases. Each expecting mother and her family are educated on the risks, benefits of opting for an epidural assisted – painless delivery. The option of delivering on an epidural is a medically approved and safe method. Mimani hospital has a team of obstetricians and anesthetists who provide you the best medical expertise to assist you in your journey of delivering your bundle of joy.

While doctors are encouraging expectant women to enjoy bringing their baby into the world, naturally and painlessly, the role of a hospital in creating this safe haven is significant.

Motherhood is inarguably the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life. But, many expectant women fear the process of natural childbirth due to painful labour, opting for a Caesarian surgery instead.
“Unless there is a risk involving mother and baby, Caesarian section is not recommended,” says Dr Priyanka Mimani, Chief of OBS & Gynae Services, Mimani Hospital, Karnal. “The recovery period is longer, the surgical wounds can get infected and the mother could have health problems later in life. That is why we are encouraging mothers to opt for natural childbirth which can be almost painless in today’s practice” she adds.

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